What are the Types of Hip Surgery

Hip surgery is done to refurbish the mobility, condense the pain and to recover the physical disorder which rose due to any accident or any other cause of injury. Mostly hip fractures are due to high-energy trauma such as car-accident. In some hip surgeries complete hip is replaced while in other repair of hip is done. Ranging from extent of injury and necessity different types of hip surgeries are available.

In hip surgeries the fractured bones of hip are repaired. Hip pinning and hip fixation are its two examples. In hip pinning screws inserted into femoral head (femoral or femur is a large bone that is located in the thigh of leg) then screws are attached to plates that are present on the femoral shaft. Once this connection is established fracture is locked and it becomes easier for the bone to heal.

If the fracture has occurred at the place where femoral head and femoral neck join then to heal it hip fixation is used. In this surgery screws are use to heal the fracture but more concentration is paid to ensure the proper flow to blood to the femur as there are chances of blockage of blood to this longest, thickest and strongest bone in the human body which is responsible for giving support to the entire upper body.

When hip is partially replaced then it is called arthroplasty surgery. When femoral head in hip is damaged to such an extent that it can’t be repaired then it is replaced by using hemi-anthroplasty surgery. In this the damaged area is replaced with prosthetic.

In full hip arthoplasty there are multiple damaged areas and there are no chances of their recovery so they all are replaced with prosthetics. In this femoral head, neck and sockets are replaced.

Before performing hip surgery the imperative actions that are performed by surgeons are:-

The area around the hip is deadened. Needle is inserted to find out the extent of damage before surgery.

These actions are part of hip arthroscopy which is a medical procedure related with treating with various hip injuries and disorders.