What are the Uses of Pumice

Pumice is a type of stone that is obtained through volcanic lava. People use this stone mostly for cleaning purposes, such as removing stains from tough surfaces, and since it has great cleaning properties. Mostly, people use this stone solely for cleaning, but they also use it along with other cleansing materials. Pumice is normally available at most of the hardware shops, and people call it ‘washing stone’. However, even though these stones are available in chemist shops and hardware stores, if you prefer the best quality ones, you must seek out for wholesalers of pumice stone. In fact, pumice is a multi-purpose stone. Further below, are mentioned some significant uses of the pumice stone.  

Uses of pumice do vary in nature. People use pumice stones for removing hard stains on bricks. To do so, one needs to gently rub them on the stains. They also use this stone for cleaning cast iron grills, frying pans, skillets and cookware in kitchen. Barbeque hotplates and cast iron are some other articles that you can clean by using the pumice stone. You can even clean grease, food and carbon stains with pumice stone. Even concrete stains cannot sustain, if you wash them up with pumice. Now nobody would like to see the toilet bowls stained with dirt. However, the pumice stone is capable of cleaning these dirty stains as efficiently as it cleans other stains. Therefore, when it comes to cleaning various objects at home, you can surely use pumice to clean metallic ones. However, it would be better to restrain from using them, if the metallic object has a delicate surface, since the object can bear scratches.

You will be surprised to know that uses of pumice stones include cleaning stains on the fabrics as well. Some experts even recommend the use of this stone as a product for cleaning your carpets, which would keep them looking new and clean for years to come. However, it is always necessary that you take some precautionary measures when you are cleaning a carpet with this stone. While doing this, you must ensure that the stone is wet in order to avoid the carpets receiving scratches. In addition, beauticians do use pumice stone for rubbing feet. In fact, pumice stone is a popular pedicure agent, since it removes the dead skin on the feet and cleans them. However, you must also be careful that you need not apply pumice on soft surfaces such as marble, soft or hard plastics enamel and laminate, since the harsh pumice may scratch them.

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