What are the ways to reduce Pollution

Reduction in pollution is important in the modern world that we live in today because pollution levels have been gradually rising everyday posing major threats to human existence. For decades environmentalists have been raising alarm about the problem of pollution with most not people taking heed of what is happening; however with the possibility of the environment getting overwhelmed by the pollutants governments and other relevant authorities have taken note of this gradual threat. One of the effects of pollution in the air is smog which is quite a common sight to behold in the hanging over modern cities. Years ago the horizon was crystal clear but not today with all the gases emitted in the air by automotives, industries and other pollutants.

There are several ways in which pollution can be reduced in the air, land and water. Most of these methods are quite basic and all they require is some good will in order for them to succeed. Trees absorb a lot of carbon dioxide that is released everyday in the environment, planting trees is an integral part of managing and reducing pollution in the current world. Plants need carbon dioxide just as human beings need oxygen in order to survive; therefore by planting more trees they help in absorbing the surplus carbon dioxide as they release oxygen which human beings need. It’s estimated that one mature tree is sufficient to supply a family of four people with oxygen throughout its lifetime, meaning this simple method of reducing pollution is quite effective.

Littering the environment with garbage that is not degradable is one big problem which affects the environment today. These range from plastics to heavy metals such as lead which can cause a lot of harm both to human beings and other organisms. One way of dealing with this is to reduce the use of products that give rise to waste products that are not bio degradable. Environmentalists have been encouraging the human race to recycle most of the waste products in order to reduce littering the environment with pollutants.

Most countries are encouraging people to use cycles once a week in order to reduce the carbon emission produced by vehicles as they drive or commute to work. Such countries even have incentives for the people who use the cycles as required by the authorities so as to ensure that the environment stays clean and green.

Industries are currently required to observe strict regulations when it comes to releasing waste products in the environment. Currently there is a drive to go green in the whole world, the push is for every individual to use every method available to recycle or use products that are environmentally friendly in order to reduce pollution. Industries and home owners have been encouraged to conserve electricity through use of solar energy as an alternative, switching off lights and other electrical appliances when they are not in use is also important to conserve energy.

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