What are Tonsils

Our body is composed of various systems each having its own functions and duties. Every system is crucial for the proper functioning of a body. If a system or any part of that system gets disturbed, the whole human body suffers. For example we have a digestive system which is primarily responsible to decompose the solid material we eat to smaller and smaller particles. If the digestive system gets disturbed our body may suffer abdominal pain, stomach pain and vomiting. Just like this system we have a very important system in our body called as lymphatic system. Lymphatic system is composed of bone marrow, vessels, tonsils and other tissues and nodes and is responsible to perform the draining system in our body. It is also plays an important role in the production of antibodies. Antibodies as we know are the natural protectors of the body against external bacteria and other infectious diseases. Tonsils being the part of the lymphatic system fight against the germs and bacteria entering the body through mouth or nose. Sometimes our tonsils become overwhelmed with such harmful particles and catch inflammation or become diseased. This type of infection in the tonsils is called tonsillitis.

Tonsils infection is very common in children; however adults can even catch the disease. You can diagnose if your child has tonsils by examining the inside area of his or her mouth. In a complete lighted area, as your child to wide open the mouth as much as possible. Now look for the two almond shaped tonsils at the end of the tongue. Do you feel them swollen and reddish? If so he or she might have caught tonsils. Other symptoms include a thin membrane or white patches forming over tonsils, pain while swallowing food, sore throat, fever or bad voice. If however you cannot diagnose the tonsils but the child still complains of such problems like bad throat or pain in swallowing you must get it checked by the physician.

Tonsils are not that harmful though they cause sleeplessness, bad throat, abdominal pain(in few cases), pain while swallowing, bad breadth etc. tonsils can be treated at home to some extent however home remedies accompanied with doctor’s advice would work best. While you or your children are suffering from tonsils, there are some don’ts to follow. These are:

  • Do not eat spicy or crunchy food with swollen tonsils.
  • Do not smoke nor us the alcohol as it can increase inflammation in infected tonsils.
  • Do not shout or speak too much, try to give your tonsils a little rest.
  • Do not undergo stressful physical activities.

Below is the list of dose :-

  • Eat soft food and use more drinks to avoid swallowing pain.
  • Take proper rest and sleep to ease tonsils and avoid pain.
  • Use tea and other warm drinks to keep tonsils hydrated
  • Gargle with mouth wash to reduce infectious bacteria
  • Gargle with warm and salted water
  • Use prescribed medications to reduce pain and fever
  • Stay away from dirt and dust 
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