What are Torrents

You may be wondering why people are able to watch a large number of movies or download and play the latest blockbuster games as well. This is not because there have been whopping discounts on the Blu-Ray DVDs or the movies and hefty books as well. It is because people are able to download these things successfully without much of a hassle or trouble. Yes, there are links which are available on the Internet which can help you to download a number of files from movie files, music files, books and even the games from the authorized websites and file databases. Some of the files can be downloaded on your computer drives with the Direct Download Links and many others also use the links for Bit files to get the movies and books as well. Torrents are more popular for some good reasons.

Torrents are essentially files which are classified as Bit Torrent files. These files are links which can be activated with the program known as uTorrent. The uTorrent is a portal where your Bit Torrent file data will be downloaded methodically. The links have to chosen to be opened with the uTorrent program. Essentially, the Bit Torrents are not real files. They are links which will give the person a greater and wider access to the different sources of the file data across the global server. The files can be downloaded from the number of places from where the live links are being hosted. The uTorrent program will give all the technical details of the downloading files and programs. The person will know how soon the files would be completed or how many sources are there for the files.

There are some things to understand when you are downloading the files like movies, games and e-books from the Bit Torrent links. One thing is that all torrents would not have the same share of sources. The live sources of the files are indicated by a number of ‘seeds’. The seeds would indicate the actual live sources of the file. When a file download is finished, the downloaded file begins to create a new live source of the file to others, who would be downloading the files elsewhere. The connected seeds are the sources which are connected as live in the server. There could be more sources which are not connected or live. So, you should check the seeds before going for downloading the files. It will be a good tip to help you get the best files in the shortest time possible.

But there are also other factors to consider when you are downloading movies or games with the help of a torrent file. When you are looking at a torrent file, consider not only the seeds of the file. Look out also if the file has enough leeches or peers for the download to be fast and assured. The leeches are the places which may become seeds in the future once the file is fully downloaded there. So, there is a good chance that the one or a few peers will act as seeds for the file download after a time. It is thus more of a custom for people when their downloads are completed, that they begin to seed with their file. As the finished file begins to seed, the entire file is being uploaded on the server. Soon, when the file is completely downloaded by the person, there is a new live seed on the server for the same file.

The new system of torrent downloads has become quite popular with people, who like to watch movies or play the latest games. The torrents are Bit Torrent links which are downloaded by the people and then made live links with the basic uTorrent program. The files can be downloaded by the number of seeds of the files across the global server. So, it is better if so many people come to know about the system of torrents and seeds as well.