What are Travel Agents

From New York, you have to go straight to London. There you have to be a part of a power meeting. You would stay there at the London for 3 days, as you have to meet some other business friends. Thereafter, you have to go to Sydney, where your daughter is studying MBA. You have planned to stay there for at least 1 week. Then, you will back to New York again. Yes, at the time of home coming, you have planned to meet your X-girl friend to spend some intimate time. She is staying at Paris and you would like to stay with her for a couple of days.

This is really a complex journey. First of all, you need air tickets from New York to London. At London, you need a hotel to stay and the hotel should be at the heart of the city, as your work is concentrated at the heart of the city. Then, you need flight ticket to Sydney. There also, you need a hotel to stay. The hotel should be close to your daughter’s college. After spending time there, you will again need a ticket from Sydney to Paris. At Paris, you don’t need a hotel, as you will stay in your girl friend’s apartment. Then, you need an airline ticket from Paris to London.

How much time you have to spent to book these tickets and hotels? If you go online then it will take you hours and if you go physically, then it may take your weeks of time. Do you have that much time to spend to just book tickets and hotels? No, not at all. Then, what would you do? Pick up your mobile phone and dial to a travel agent. Just say him about your planning. He will arrange all these things you require during your journey.

Yes, this is the basic work of a travel agent. You plan journeys. Tell them about your planning to travel agents. They will make all the arrangements for you. Yes, you have to pay a certain amount of commission to the travel agents; but that commission is a very tiny amount and you would never bother to spend a tiny amount of money to save your precious time.

What described above are the basic works of travel agents. But now they are doing much more than the above mentioned things. You don’t have to plan your journey. Just show your urge to travel or for a vacation, then they will plan the journey for you. You don’t have to do anything apart from paying the money. If you are thinking that you could save the commission, if you plan the journey yourself, then you are mistaken. Travel agents can make your journey economical, as they have business tie ups with airlines and hotels. 

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