What Are Triglycerides

Triglycerides are a located in the blood of a human body. This is the fat, which the body uses to convert into energy. This means that the body requires some amount of triglycerides to maintain good health. However, an excess of triglycerides can lead to heart problems.

Excess triglycerides are a sign of problems in the metabolic activities. This is known as the metabolic syndrome. The metabolic syndrome is a mixture of high sugar levels, high pressure in the blood and excess fat in the waist area of the concerned person along with the high triglycerides content in the body.

The same blood test, which is used to measure the cholesterol in the body, is used to measure the level of triglycerides. There are a few counts which will show which level of triglycerides is safe for the body and which is not. The counting of less than 150 is declared as normal and healthy. Then there is a borderline high level of 150 to 199. The high triglycerides count is when it crosses 100 and reaches up to 500 counts. When the count reaches 500 or more, it is considered as very dangerous for the body.

There are many causes of triglycerides and one among them is the obesity. This causes all the extra fat to be accumulated in the body. Diabetes at a bad stage is also a cause of the same. Kidney problems, high consumption of calories and alcohol without burning the calories out are also a major cause of concern in forming these triglycerides.

There are also various medicines, which cause the triglycerides to occur. Some of them are steroids, estrogen and other birth control pills taken on a regular basis. Thus, these medicines and drugs should be avoided. When the triglycerides are high in the body, it can also be transferred as a genetic problem to the offspring.

There are not many symptoms of the triglycerides. They often do not show any symptoms. There are treatment options but you should first consider lowering the triglycerides levels in the body. The change in diet and lifestyle is one of the prime requirements of the same. Exercise is very important to burn out all the excess calories that you have consumed. Smoking should be completely prevented as it has more harm than alcohol.

If you are not able to reduce the triglycerides with these methods, then you can opt for medical treatments like fat removal surgeries or blood thinners. The doctor will suggest you the method of treatment after considering the level of triglycerides content in the body.