What Are Trousers

Trouser is a British word wherein Americans simply call it as pants. Trousers are pants that cover lower body that is the legs, usually wore for offices or any parties. Ever since the medieval period western people are quite used to these trousers. These are formal suits dressed by professionals for meetings as well. A flat front trousers are up and running in current fashion world. Suggest not to go in for pockets as they are a bit widens and spoils the texture of the outfit. Fashion experts dictate certain precautions should be taken indeed to avoid for trousers to appear like any fashion outfit.

Eventually, two types of trousers Feminalia and Braccae extensively spread in Rome. Feminalia has a comfort fit and covers three fourth of the leg length and Braccae is a loose fit trouser falls till the ankles.  There outfits were initially used in civil services and no sooner appeared in patterns of leather, wool, cotton and silk. Trousers are preset with pleats, cuffs, fly and a place to fit in belt. Fashionable trousers come in as bell bottoms, board shorts, boardies, bloomers, daks, pantaloons and capris. People resident of United Kingdom will refer trousers or pants as a mere under garment. However, resident of United States will adore wearing designer trousers as professional everyday costume, made out of wool.

Both men and women can dress with trousers. Men choose format shirt with trousers and women as it is have variety of tops. Fashion designers suggest women to wear white shirt or any other kind of formal blouse with a wool trouser and that gives a timeless office outlook during daylight. Harmonizing silk or satin fabric blouse is best suited to wear for dine time. Trouser with a pull over or a woollen sweater is trendy and most preeminent winter wear for both men and women. Smooth touch trouser in unbiased colours are most fashionable in the current fashion era. Darker glooms such as black, brown and gray based trousers are popular and suggested to wear in pleasant winters. And light shades with cotton blouses in hot summers. Followed by men wearing trousers, women started somewhere around the latter periods of 20th century.

Khaki civil outfits were later developed into cargo pants. These cargos are quite informal that appear in bottle green accessible as short pants and usually possess pocket traits on the front, back, side and on the knee portions of pants.  Irrespective of casual dressing or formal occasions trousers are best available outfit for both men and women whether slim fit or loose baggy kind.