What are Turtlenecks

A turtleneck as the name suggests comes from turtles which have just the head jutting out from the shell. Hence a turtle neck is a form of sweater or pullover with a long neck. It is a form of clothing that tends to go with any form of clothing and hence is a good choice for keeping in ones wardrobe. They are considered quite stylish besides performing warmth by covering the nape.

A sleeveless turtleneck is a sort of evergreen piece of clothing. You can wear a different kind for every season. You can also wear it differently for different occasions, as and how you want it.

IT is ideally used as winter clothing. Women can paid them with leggings and don a coat over it or go without the coat too. Generally when wearing with leggings women tend to wear high boots to ensure adequate safety of legs from the elements. The longer version of turtleneck sweaters, are also available which are ideal for colder regions. These go down to the knees providing extra warmth to the legs. These are available in gorgeous knitted wool or cashmere. These can be worn as sleeveless sweaters too with a pattern typically made for turtlenecks. These are mostly worn in dark colors which can be because of the fact that it covers the neck and thus tends to get dirty sooner. They can be made to pair with contrasting colors to ensure a great look. Stoles go really well with the turtlenecks to add style and practicality.

These can also be found in normal (read non woolen) tops in bright colors too. Worn with printed and big patterns they bring out a brightness about the wearer and makes the person stand out. These can also be worn with a top that covers the waistline and a pair of leggings for a casual and elegant look. The longer turtleneck tops with bunching effect at the waist can also be worn or they can be worn with slim fit jeans. These go really well when worn in plain colors to match with a jacket or a business suit. Its considered quite a good formal attire.

Women who are tall and slim can wear sleeveless turtlenecks as worn as a stand alone dress too. These are great as party and cocktail dresses. Cuts on the side give it a sexy look. These are also available in light, airy and breathing fabrics. Those who are not comfortable with high necks can go for mock turtlenecks too.

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