What are Ulcers

Ulcer is a common problem these days, affecting people of all ages. The major reasons that can cause an ulcer are either the intake of a lot of junk food or the stress that a person tends to take. The exact cause is yet undefined. As per the meaning of ulcer, it is a type of a sore that can take place in stomach or small intestine and cause stress in the body.

Peptic ulcers are the ulcers that are formed inside the abdomen and cause a lot of pain. Since our stomach is an acidic area, the junk food causes more acidity and as it comes in contact with the enzymes and acids that are already present in the stomach. Also the intake of pain killers and other medicines also increases the formation of ulcers in one’s body.

There is no particular method to cure the problem of ulcers but to fight with them one can opt for balancing the level of antacids in the body and lowering the stress level in one’s daily routine. Increasing the intake of water too can help an individual who is suffering from ulcers either in his stomach or in his mouth. One more type of ulcer is known as duodenal ulcers and these ulcers are more common than peptic ulcers. Duodenal ulcers form in people who have O blood group and the reason behind this is the absence of the blood cells that can help in the formation of lining of the duodenal.

Ulcers majorly attack the oldies but do you know why and how ulcers are formed in our body? There are several possible reasons behind this and some are listed below:

  • Excess of smoking and consumption of alcohol.
  • Disorders in the body like liver problems, arthritis and the like.
  • Ulcers can be because of family history as well.
  • Excess intake of medicines and the painkillers.
  • Lastly, Stress too can contribute to be a cause behind the ulcers.

Undoubtedly, ulcers have been a very common issue with the Americans. According to the studies conducted by the doctors and scientists, about 20% of the Americans suffer from the problem of ulcers at least once during their lifetime and one off the bad news is that about 6000 Americans expire due to the formation of ulcers in their body and almost 40,000 Americans go through a surgery to get the ulcers removed from their stomach or small intestine.

You must know that ulcers can take a worse turn as one can catch stomach cancer or anemia so if you are suffering from ulcers, you better go and see a doctor so that the medicines that he will prescribe do its wonders and you can be relieved of the pain.

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