What are UV Rays

UV rays are harmful rays o the powerful source sun that are quite damaging for our skin, eyes, hair and other parts of the body that are not completely protected. Though UV rays are very beneficial for our ecosystem still they can causes certain harm to the parts directly exposed to UV rays. Many researches all over the world made people more aware of the risks associated with the harmful effects of UV rays. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Weather Service (NWS) has made many Americans more alert of the risks of sunburn and skin cancer from the sun’s ultraviolet or UV radiation. People are made aware of that extended exposure to sunlight can damage eyes causing temporary vision loss. Though UV rays are called ultraviolet rays but term is considered technically incorrect because we can’t see UV rays.

These UV rays are apart from being harmful do many good as well because they assist our bodies making Vitamin D that is highly recommended for strengthening bones and teeth and no other dietary products contain it. It also helps our bodies to build immunities to diseases like Rickets and Colon cancer and UV rays are also considered to treat Psoriasis as UV rays cause a marked reduction in the itchy skin patches by slowing down the growth of skin cells. As we can’t see UV rays but some animals can see it and UV vision helps bees to get pollen from flowers. UV rays are used in commercial uses as well as used as disinfectant and sterilization.

Skin cancer is the major skin disease that can be caused by over exposure to the sunlight. That’s why protection while going out in the sunlight is prominent. Most common people are prone to getting sunburn while being directly exposed in the sunlight. It happens when skin cells absorb too much energy from UV rays. When sunburn occur blood starts rushing to affected areas as body tries to cool the burn and damaged skin eventually peels away. Burning pain can eventually lead to skin cancer in few cases.

There is a dogma like dark skin people are less prone to sunburn but it is not true. Anyone can be caught in it when overtly exposed to sunlight. Temporary damage it can cause to eyes is the temporary blindness but over time it can lead to catatacts. The UV index calculates the power of radiation caused by UV rays and gives people the time duration of how long they may remain in the sun without being affected by it. Nothing can take place of body protection when go in the sun. There is wide variety of sunscreens having different levels of UV best suited for you in various circumstances. Consult your doctor to get the fully protective sunglasses but mitigate the damage caused to eyes. Hat is useful in protecting hair, skin and neck from sun damage. Parasols are in high demand too. Make sure to wear sunglasses while in the shade as the UV rays still can cause harm to your eyes as they are not visible.

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