What are Vent Covers

Vent or ventilation means any opening or an outlet that permits the escape of heat, fumes, cold air or even steam. Ventilation in a home structure could be in the form of exhaust fans or air conditioner or floor register or wall register. All such vents are designed with holes on the floor or ceiling thereby allowing the heat or cold air to pass from the system to inside the building. However no one would prefer to expose such holes both for safety concern or aesthetic reasons and for solely this concern there comes vent covers to hide these holes and still let the air to flow through them.

Vent cover is a common term which refers to the cover made for cold air returns and also the registers. While floor registers or heat registers are used to cover all the forced air vents in the building, an air return grille is used to cover the cold air return vents. The registers are designed to come along with a decorative grille and louvers which help in controlling the air between heating and cooling. Whereas air return grille is just a normal grille without any louver since it doesn’t require controlling the air flow. Traditionally the registers were used to for heating purpose and cold air return vents for cooling. However it is not the same any longer. Both the vents could be dually used for heating as well as cooling.

Vent covers have also become one of the indispensable accessories at home for protecting the exhaust fans, bathroom vents and even air conditioning vents. These covers come with an inbuilt filter which helps in accumulating all the dust and keeps the fan or the vent free of dust thus making it very convenient to clean only the filter as you would do a normal dusting. There are covers made for floor registers or wall registers which is available in various quality and materials and yes with lot of unique designs also. There are simple ones too made of metal or wood just to cover the vent. You have an option of painting the wooden covers to match the décor of your house and enhance the aesthetic appeal of that room.

Installing of vent covers is very easy. For floor registers, the cover is just slipped on the vent and it stays firm with gravity. For wall registers, the vents covers are fixed permanently to avoid falling down from place. And to do either, it only requires two screws making the installation very simple. Vent covers are available at different sizes also, though standard sizes of floor registers are readily available. However it is better to have your measurement specifications in place to avoid getting a wrong piece.

 With home decors becoming increasingly popular, one has to hold on with lot of patience in selecting the best, for your house from among multiplied designs and options. After all it is for your “Home sweet Home”.

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