What are Zombies

Zombies are a fictional character which are dead and are brought back to life and they feed on human flesh. They are those dead beings which by mystical means are brought back to life. Zombies is unaware of its consciousness and acts as if it is a programmed robot which has no other objective than to hunt for Humans and they are unaware of their surroundings and the weirdest part is that they are not afraid even a little bit, they are not afraid of any possible danger that may harm them whatsoever so that makes them the most dangerous to the humans who are lost in a jungle where most of the filmmakers portray them in.

Zombies have become quite popular since the late 19th century in European and American Cinema.

In Horror Films, Zombies are the name given to a race which is of dead human beings who now are Man Eaters and it is a sort of infectious race which if eats rather in fact just bite the other human being they also turn into Zombies and in this way it becomes a never ending chain. They have marked their presence in various Artistic Plots, Novels and Cinema.

Like in the Movie Series “Wrong Turn” it is one of the most popular movies based on this concept where the star cast is lost in a jungle and then slowly when they diverge into separate groups to find out the way back but they start disappearing to later find out that they are eaten up by the zombies living in that jungle.

Usually they are characterized by absolute White Face, with No Emotions visible out there on their faces which might have a couple of scratches here and there. They are skinny, and seems like they are more health conscious when it comes to maintaining their figure including the male zombies as well.

They are one of the scariest species of evil creatures in all the Hollywood flicks and needlessly scares one the most when out of sudden nowhere they hop on the Screen and their face has a few random Red Marks of Wounds that have dried up. The reason what raises up all the bars of horror is that the infection spreads virally just a single bite by zombie and the infected person becomes the zombie himself thus there is no control over the Population Increase so if one is lost along with a group of friends, who knows if they meet you after a long time they are themselves turned into a zombie and attack you.

Indeed they have always been the enigmatic creatures to have haunted the viewers mind and film makers continue to make them scarier with each passing film and each passing year by the use of extreme Graphics and animations clubbed with horrifying sounds that would make your heart thump faster.

So next time when you go to watch a horror movie and it is a zombie concept based movie, you can be rest assured that it is going to be the real horror.

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