What can Cause Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath involves difficulty in breathing which can be due to various reasons. Almost all of us feel shortness of breath if we exaggerate ourselves. It is a sensation or feeling of not getting enough air while breathing. Shortness of breath is also called Dyspnea. It can be very bothersome and scariest condition. It can be very risky for the person and can lead to the danger to his/her life. You may feel shortness of breath due to some disease but sometimes you can feel it all of sudden while having rest too. Shortness of breath can be caused:

Obesity: People with obesity usually feel shortness of breath. Anemia: lack of blood in a person’s body can also lead to difficulty in breathing. Asthma in children: children who have asthma can also experience the problem of dyspnea. Heart attack: problems like heart attack or other diseases related to heart can affect the circulation of blood to lungs which in turn can cause shortness of breath. Plague: plague can also be one of the reasons for dyspnea. Smoking: people who smoke have a higher risk of developing this disease as smoking directly affects lungs. Environmental irritants or pollutants: some pollutants can also cause irritation with your lungs and you can feel shortness of breath. Lungs diseases: lungs diseases like lung blood vessel disease and others can cause problem in supplying oxygen to the blood tissues and in turn cause dyspnea. Kidney failures: Diabetes Exercising for a long time Acute bronchitis: this can also be one of the reasons for dyspnea. Certain kind of allergy: if you are allergic of dust, smoke or other such irritants, then you can feel the sensation of difficulty in breathing. Multiple sclerosis Chest muscle diseases Occupational asthma Pulmonary edema Certain problem with wind pipe

In addition to above all causes, diabetes, exercising, multiple sclerosis, chest muscle disease, occupational asthma, pulmonary edema and certain problems with wind pipes can also be some of the causes which may lead to the problem of shortness of breath. Sometimes it may accompany with cough too. You should immediately seek a doctor of the problem is chronic and is causing you concern. Sometimes it can be a sign of some serious disease too. Before the problem gets worse, it would be better to take medical advice.

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