What Can Cause Tap Water to Smell Bad

Water being an essential source of existence, all of us would prefer to use clean, odor free and fresh water for the complete domestic purpose, be it drinking or washing. There are times when the water from your taps doesn’t smell neutral and gives a peculiar odor which can put you off. There could be several factors associated to this problem which has to be analyzed.

The odor from the tap water could be of various kinds indicating different causes and the problems it would give rise to.

  • A chemical smell, be it a chlorine or bleaching agent, could be attributed to the obvious or common reason of adding too much chlorine to the water which is considered an effective water purifier. But when the levels of chlorine become more than required, it becomes harmful especially with drinking water. Another reason could be the organic build up of the materials in the plumbing fixtures. For persistent and strong chlorine smell, you can seek the help of the water supply department which in turn might take corrective measures.
  • Another common smell in the tap water could be a rotten egg smell or decayed or a sulfurous odor which can commonly caused due to the growth of bacteria in your drain or the water heater. In most cases the smell from the drain could be misunderstood as an odor from tap water. This is because of the growth of organic deposits on the walls which produces a gas that smell like rotten egg. The water heated in a heater needs to be used as early as possible. Where the water is kept unused for long time, bacteria tends to grow inside which produces a foul smell and comes through the water that is connected to the heater. Where the water tap is connected to the well, you can approach the nearest health board and take a check on your well.
  • There are times when the tap water gives a bad fishy smell.”Oof”. That could be intolerable. This may be because of the growth of algae or other organisms that is grown in the source of water supply. This could also be reported to the water supply department and treated.
  • Fuel or petrol smell is another problem which is rare and yet serious. This could possibly be as a result of some leakage in the underground tank that has got mixed with the well water.
  • Sometimes the contaminants deposited in the ground by way of industries, heavy metals, mercury etc gets along with the water supply and produces a seepage smell. This is common in areas close to heavy metal industries and factories around. Accordingly such water should be prevented for drinking purpose and one should also take measures to indicate the officials concerned on this.
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