What can I do About a Neighbor

Dogs are considered as man’s closest friend thus making them most preferable pets amongst all animals. Keeping pets is believed to provide several heath benefits to the owner and helps them to overcome stressful times. But is this the same with the owner’s neighbor especially when the dog keeps barking non- stop for little or no reason? That could rather be a nuisance isn’t it? The owner might actually not be around to witness that the dog barks for hours together. Such noise pollution can actually make your life terrible with absolutely no peace of mind at your own house. Here are few tips or suggestions as to how one can handle this common problem in a nice and yet an effective way.

The first thumb rule when you are agitated with your neighbor’s barking dog is to approach the owner of the dog. It is the best to happen if the owner is a nice friend of you. It makes it simpler for you to tell him directly and solve the problem very soon. Where the owner is not very close to you, it could again be tackled politely by introducing yourself gently and put across the problem your are facing. There are times when the owner is ignorant or uninformed about such problems.

You can also help your neighbor by giving some useful information on bark training of dogs, like the contacts of dog trainers around your locality or you can even suggest him to go for bark collars available in the market which helps in stopping the dog to bark. Why don’t you also suggest him to offer a good treat to his dog like marrow bones or peanut which will really make him busy for some hours. Even spending some time or attention to the dos by its owner helps a long way in training him and obey his orders.

Now coming to another scenario wherein the owner remains to be uncooperative in spite of repeated complaints. Hera again you are left with various options. You may either seek the help of the housing society association of that area and understand the laws relating to pet care and nuisance and try and put forward this problem. It can be more effective when more people add to that list of same complaint. Now neither your impression is affected nor any special efforts needed to be taken towards the owner. One more option is to go for filing of a case to the police or animal control association. But remember any complaint in the court of law requires necessary proof and evidence along with. Thus try and make a record or maintain a log book noting down the intervals of bark, duration and time of bark and how long it’s been a problem. This could help to have a better chance of winning the case.

Finally there are some simple ways of handling this all by yourself. You can start using some noise control devices like earphones or earplugs, listen to music using cds or radio, and install an anti barking device in your garden. Help the owner in all possible ways to keep the dog quiet which might be one of the quickest ways to solve the issue.