What can I do About Sore Muscles

There can be sores in our muscles after taking exercise or doing any physical work. It can also be due to staying in one position for too long. Students or professionals who sit in front of a computer for long hours can suffer from sore muscles in arms or back. Immediately after taking exercise, our muscles feel fine. But after 8-24 hours soreness is felt by our body and it can even last to a week. Due to this physical activity there are small tears in our muscles that cause throbbing which is known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

DOMS is a nice way of telling whether the muscles satisfactorily worked hard. It is neither indicator of good workout nor the indicator of bad workout. Soreness of muscles indicates that muscles had done something which they were not used to. More recovery time is requisite by muscles if they sore each time after work-out.

The tips to get relief from soreness of muscle are:-

Rest:- The best way is to take rest for 24-48 hours after exercise or after lifting a heavy weight.

Stretching:- Stretching is another method and it should be done before doing any strenuous activity. Stretching help to get the lactic acid out of our muscles.

Heat:- By providing heat to the body blood can flow to muscles easily. This will help in getting reprieve.

Proper Diet:- To rebuild muscles after soreness protein is required by our body. Proper quantity of water should be taken to stay hydrated.

Massage:- Another way to treat sore muscles is to do massage. But type of soreness felt by our body should be clearly explained to massage therapist. Ice worked muscle group immediately after especially hard workouts. Yoga has also shown some effectiveness in reducing DOMS.

If your muscles are still sore then reduce the intensity of your workout.