What Can I Do in Singapore

Singapore is situated in the Southeast Asia and it is counted in the richest countries of the world. This country is also called as a shopping centre in the whole world. It has a fabulous night life. It has a cosmopolitan society which has interaction among the various different races. The prime attraction of the nation is its inherent cultural diversity of island. Singapore has a diversify culture. The significant degree of the cultural diffusion has given a rich mixture of diversity for its young age to the country.


There are lots of things to do in Singapore as told earlier this country is very famous and well known for the shopping. This country has lots of malls and shopping centres which makes it a shopping hub of Asia. There are all kinds of shops and malls like there are some expensive boutiques as well as little quaint shops. We can also call this country as a shopaholic’s heaven as the prices in the country is relatively low due to its competition and low tax as well as tariffs. The country’s popular sale The Great Singapore sale which offers you great bargain prices on almost all items. The shops in the sale opened till the midnight.

Places to Visit

If you are interested in knowing the cultural tradition of the Malays then you must go to Singapore Malays Village. The main attraction of this village is the Malaysian Malay cultural museum. This museum has a remarkable collection of the articles which throws light on the Malay culture. With this you can get a little idea about the culture which prevails in the country. Attraction of the country is very diverse. The city holds a various attractions which have their own significance and its Orchard Road is of no exception. This road is very well known for the larger number of shopping malls and centres. This road has all kinds of goods like from clothing to all household items. Nutmeg planting and pepper in local areas are the one which makes this street famous. The name of this street Orchard Road is due to the plantation of orchards fruits on both the sides of the road. But now it won’t consist the orchard plantation as now all over the streets there are only shopping malls located. These dazzling shopping malls have given it a new hue.

New Year Celebration

In Singapore you enjoy the New Year of the Singapore with a big bang. As just like any other western country this country also celebrates it’s New Year with splendid Firework displays and it follow with a great party. And if you want to experience a New Year twice then Singapore is the best place as they celebrate the Chinese New Year in month of February. And here is one more thing which can’t be missed that is the Chingay Parade which can be seen during the Chinese New Year celebration which happens along with an Orchard Road.