What Causes Aggression

Aggression is a behavior in which a person becomes hostile and violent. It can lead to both physical harm and psychological harm. It is intended to cause harm or pain. Every one of us feels angry over something but when it reaches the state of aggression, it needs attention. There are various types of aggression like :-

Direct or Indirect Active or Passive Physical or Verbal

Some people express their aggression by hitting and some of them abuse like insults etc. Some people relieve their aggression by throwing things on others like plates etc. The exact reason for aggression is unknown but research says that usually aggression is caused due to psychiatric and cognitive diseases and other kind of disorders. It can also be caused if the desires of a human being are not met. It starts from mild anger and then increases gradually. This problem can be very dangerous and it is a serious problem too. It can be due to some mental disorder too. If a person has some mental problem then it can lead to aggression. Some people have it because of genes and hormones. Any kind of brain injury or brain tumor can also be one of the reasons for aggression. Brain diseases like autism, epilepsy, attention deficit disorder (ADD) are also responsible for aggression.

Dementia, post traumatic disorder, schizophrenia, antisocial personality disorders are also some of the reasons which causes aggression in one way or the other. Certain medications which are used to treat some disorders can also cause sudden change in person’s behavior. Some of the symptoms of aggression are appetite changes, fatigue, agitation, depression, personality changes, sleep disturbances and weight changes. If you are facing some serious changes then you should immediately seek medical attention. Serious problems can be danger to the person himself or to the others, change in mental status and trauma. Your doctor will ask various questions related to your illness and will provide you with the medication accordingly. Follow the plan if you want to reduce the risk of above mentioned dangers. A person who is suffering from this disorder needs proper care and proper medical attention otherwise it can become a cause of other mental diseases. But every act cannot be treated as aggression as every person behaves in a different way to different situations. The person should be observed from all the perspectives in order to know if he is suffering from this disorder or not.

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