What Causes AIDS

Human Immune Virus is responsible for the AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. When HIV gets into the body of a person, they just sit idle. They just stay doormat for a long period of time. That tome period could range from one year to 3-4 years. Then, they become active and starts breeding. They breed in a very rapid manner and produces millions of viruses in a very short period of time. Now, both the old viruses and newly produced viruses need food to stay alive. What they eat?

As the name suggests, they feed upon the human immune system. They start eating the white blood corpuscles of the human immune system. They don’t produce any disease by themselves, but their eating habit makes the immune system of  a person weaker and weaker, day by day. White blood corpuscles are known as the soldiers of human body. They become active and prevent, when any foreign organism enters into the body. So, if there would not be any WBC inside the body of a person, then any foreign organism can enter into the body of that person. This is why, the person suffering from AIDS is attacked by various kinds of diseases and finally succumb to them.

As the name suggests, AIDS is a syndrome, not a disease. This is because, AIDS is not a disease in itself but it just makes the body of the suffering person opened up for each and every kind of disease.

Now, we should discuss about the cure of HIV or AIDS. Unfortunately, a medicine is yet to be invented to cure AIDS or prevent the proliferation of HIV inside the body of the patient. A person suffering from this disease could do only one thing and that is to wait for the death. How long a person would live after getting infected with the HIV depends upon two factors. First one is the incubation period of the HIV inside his or her body. The incubation period of HIV varies from person to person. So, if the incubation periods of HIV gets extended in case of any person, then he or she could live a longer period. The second factor is, what kind of medication he or she is getting. If one gets proper medication to combat with several diseases, which will affect him or her, then he or she could live than another AIDS patient, who is not getting proper medication.

A person can’t fight with HIV. So, it is wise to stay away from the deadly virus. The good news is, the HIV virus can’t move through air or water. A person could be infected with the virus, if the blood of that person comes in the contact with an AIDS patient. The AIDS virus could be transmitted through saliva. So, one should stay away from the blood and saliva of an IDS patient.