What Causes Bloating

Bloating may happen due to many reasons like lactose intolerance, food allergy and aerophobia. One should follow the safety measures to prevent it as it is very painful when occurs.

As we know that bloating happens when gas builds up a pressure in the stomach and intestines as they are unable to pass through belching. Bloating generally causes pain in the stomach and intestines which may be sharp, dull or intense. This pain doesn’t allow the person to perform any task freely. As pain in stomach can happen due to other problems too, it is important to know some symptoms of bloating. The first and most important symptom is that when a person is suffering from bloating his pain may change positions in body very quickly. Sometimes, people also confuse it with appendix or heart problems. This is due to the reason that it may originate at any place like upper left part of the chest where heart is located or lower right side of stomach.

The main cause of bloating is gas and undigested food. When food which you take in goes to stomach it needs to be digested and gas which is produced requires to be released from the body so that it cannot generate any type of pain. But when a person takes food which contains lots of fat, cells that are produced also contain fats. Fat cells are not as active as normal cells and hence it slows down the process digestion in our stomach so that our stomach can be empty. If a person takes less water in this condition his condition may become worse because water helps to digest food quickly and easily. Bloating exists till food in our stomach is undigested so as soon as food gets digested, bloating will fade.

There are tremendous numbers of things that causes bloating. Some of the main causes of bloating are gastric distension, lactose intolerance, food allergy, aerophobia, irritable or partial bowel syndrome, constipation and visceral fat. Apart from these, a person can suffer from bloating if he takes lots of food which produces gas in the stomach. Excessive smoking can also cause bloating if the person if he is not habituated to it.

If you suffer from bloating after some intervals of time, you should know how to get it treated easily or how to avoid it. As bloating can happen if you eat large quantity of food at once so you should eat small meals for multiple times throughout the day. Keep your backbone straight while eating and chew your food as much as possible. Avoid the food stuffs which contain fats or causes gas in your stomach as it may be the reason of bloating. Last but not the least; you should exercise for particular time period daily.