What Causes Bone Spurs

Bone spurs generally causes due to lack of calcium in our bones as our bones becomes weak. It generally occurs in certain areas like joints of legs and fingers and spine and shoulder.

Before we start discussion about the causes of bone spurs it is important to know that is bone spurs and brief information about it. So, bone spurs is the projections that originate and develops at the edges of bones. It generally develops at the point where two bones meet. It is not painful but it can lead to pain if it develops in such a position where nerves rub with it. Bone spurs can develop in any bone of the body; generally it happens in the areas near ligaments and sometimes it also develops in spine.

Calcium is very important factor to keep the bones strong enough to avoid this like bone spurs. Lack of calcium is the main cause of bone spurs because lack of calcium leads to weak bones. Our body receives calcium from the diet which we consume. It should be noted that age of the person also plays an important role in it because the amount of absorption of calcium depends on age. An adolescent can absorb 70-75% of calcium if he takes proper diet and food at proper time. It can make his bones strong and prevent problems like bone spurs. Thus, teenage is an important age of making your bones strong as your body can absorb maximum calcium in this age.

On the other hand, an adult has the ability to absorb only 20-30% of calcium through his diet. As the rate of absorption of calcium is very less than that of a teenager, our body hardly gets sufficient amount of calcium from food. This leads to weakness of bones though people don’t realize that their bones are weak but they gradually suffer from bone spurs. Bones of adults lose 20% calcium every year which is replaced by new calcium. As the result, it can be said that every bone of an adult is replaced after every 5 years. If you want to replace this 20% calcium by good calcium you need to focus on your diet and consume things which carry more calcium.

If you are thinking about the signs and symptoms of bones spurs, it is very difficult to get any. Generally, there are no symptoms of bone spurs. People usually come to know about it when they go for an X-Ray when they feel some kind of pain or loss of motion of the joint frequently. You can get an idea of this problem if you have problems in several areas like knees, spine, legs, shoulders and fingers as these areas are common. If you notice pain frequently in these areas you should go for an X-Ray so that you can come to know about it.