What Causes Chapped Lips

Lips are a visible part of the body and could be one the best features of your face. In fact, where your facial features are concerned, lips are the first thing that attracts anybody’s attention. But what if you are suffering from chapped lips? Of course, you would not be pleased by their reaction towards yourself.

Chapped lips is a  condition where lips become very dry causing severe cracks, swelling and peeling of the skin over the lips. It could also possibly lead to bleeding of lips. Such condition occurs majorly due to evaporation of the required moisture on the lips. The climatic conditions can also sometimes worsen the dryness which needs to be attended on time.

 Causes of chapped lips: Let’s look into the factors contributing to the condition in detail.

 1. One of the foremost reasons could be licking of your lips that could remove the necessary moisture which is present on the lips in the form of a thin oily film.

2. Exposure to severe climatic conditions, be it extreme sunlight or a harsh winter which is commonly termed as a sunburn or a windburn.

3. Dehydration is another factor contributing to cracked lips or chapped lips.

4. Cosmetics or skin care products can sometimes become allergic and cause damage to the lips.

5. Deficiency of vitamin B complex and iron also give rise to cracking of lips.

6. Mouth breathing could be another reason to the lips getting dried up losing the moisture. This is common with people suffering from cold and congestion making it difficult for them to breathe through nose.

Treatment for chapped lips:

   Chapped lips could seem to be very painful and even ugly. However it is not an uncommon condition and hence could be treated simply.

Lip balms: This is one of the easiest ways of handling chapped lips. During summer try using lip balms that contain sunscreen and for winters a moisturizing lip balm should help.

Rehydrate: Try and increase your fluids intake which will take care in fighting dehydration and also helps in giving a fresh and a glowing look to your skin.

Eat right: Have an eye on what you eat. Intake of food rich in iron and vitamins like cheese, egg, milk, greens will help in treating the crack on lips.

Home remedies for chapped lips:

There are plenty of home based remedies available to treat cracked or chapped lips.

  • Castor oil or mustard oil can be applied to remove the dryness and make the lips smooth.
  • Milk cream is also one of the best solutions. Applying milk cream will help in retaining the moisture.
  • Honey can be rubbed to heal the cracked lips.
  • Make and apply a pack with 1 teaspoon each of glycerin, lemon juice and castor oil. This could be left overnight and wiped off the next morning using moist cotton.
  • Apply crushed neem leaves on the cracked lips. This again gives a quick remedy.

There are times when chapping of lips become severe and cannot be healed off for long and this is wherein doctor intervention would be required.

Chapped lips are more of an eyesore than anything else and therefore this condition should be avoided at any cost.


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