What Causes Cloudy Urine

Cloudy urine is the cause of several diseases like diabetes, kidney stone and urinary tract infections. Whenever a person notices cloudy urine he should consult a doctor to avoid risk of any disease later.

We know that healthy urine is clear and straw yellow in color and this urine releases acids that are harmful for our body. But cloudy urine is a symptom of any ingrown disease which may increase in future and cause problems on your body. In other words, when you see cloudy urine you should assume that you are having some type of problem or disease which can cause serious trouble to your body in future. Hence, whenever you observe cloudy urine, you should consult a doctor so that you can get your disease treated before it can cause troubles.

As cloudy urine is a common symptom of lots of severe diseases, one should have a brief knowledge which can help him when he observes it. Hence, discussed here are the main causes of cloudy urine. Dehydration is the biggest disorder that causes cloudy urine. As in dehydration, water left in your body is less so your urine becomes dark or cloudy. Drinking plenty of water during dehydration may be useful for avoiding cloudy urine. Urinary tract infections cause cloudy urine because these infections also affect urine that is to be excreted. This disease is more common in women but this doesn’t means that men don’t suffer from this disease as this disease also occurs in men. If you are suffering from this disease and want to get it treated then take some antibiotics for some weeks as it will be enough. Some vitamins are pretty much soluble in water and hence it mixes with water inside your body. Vitamin B and Vitamin C are the main vitamins which are soluble in water. So, Water soluble vitamins are also a cause of cloudy urine. Diabetes is one of the main diseases which cause whitish urine. Some people who have diabetes always urinate abnormal or cloudy. If you think that your urine is cloudy because of diabetes, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Apart from some main diseases, there are several other diseases too that cause cloudy urine. This includes pregnancy, kidney stone and medication. As women release lots of nutrients and compounds at the time of pregnancy, urine can be cloudy in color due to proportion of nutrients and compounds in it. There are many medicines which can have a side effect on urine causing it to change to cloudy so medication is a general symptom. Kidney stone is also a symptom of cloudy urine but you can get to know about it as you will have intense pain in stomach.

When you notice cloudy urine whenever you are urinating, you should not take chance by hiding it. Many people hesitate to share this with anyone but it is wrong. If you are seeing this symptom you should consult a doctor as soon as possible because he can point out your disease and you can get it treated soon. 

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