What Causes Hiccups in Dogs

Hiccups with a dog can be one of the cutest, and most entertaining things in the world. What is really just a completely benign involuntary movement of a dog’s diaphragm can lead to some pretty awesome home videos and fun. All kidding aside, puppies hiccup all the time and it is totally harmless except in extremely rare cases. Just like people, dogs get irritations in their diaphragm and get the hiccups. Like humans, puppies occasionally get hiccups before they are even born.

Do all dogs hiccup?

Most dogs stop hiccuping around six months of age, but they have been known to do so throughout their lives. Certainly the younger puppies are prone to the hiccups and can get them several times each day. With puppies, the hiccups generally last for a few minutes and then go away. While older dogs are not as likely to get them, it is rarely cause for concern if they do.

What exactly is a puppy hiccup and what causes them?

Puppy hiccups are caused by eating too quickly, or any one of about a million other things. The one common thread they have is that they have in some way caused an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the muscle that helps the puppy breathe in and out of their lungs. While that sounds ominous, it is not a problem in any way with the puppie’s breathing. It is simply a movement of that muscle that causes the hiccups. Medications can cause them as well.

How do you get rid of puppy hiccups?

While puppy hiccups are very much like human hiccups, the solutions differ greatly. It is a horrible idea to apply the home remedies that are out there for humans to your dog. Scaring them, for example, is simply dumb. You might get bit and your dog’s hiccups will probably get worse in the process.

About the only real remedy for puppy hiccups seems to be petting them and keeping them calm. Time will get rid of the hiccups with no problems. With dogs it is best to just let them pass naturally and making them as comfortable as possible in the process.

When to call the vet

Most hiccups in a dog are totally harmless, but if they are more than several times per day you might want to get them checked. Also, if they stay for periods longer than thirty minutes you should take them in. Vomiting, spitting up or other general signs of stress should be checked immediately.

Generally speaking, if your puppy gets the hiccups enjoy it! They are incredibly cute and adorable when this happens, and you can be relatively certain they are entertained by it as well. Just make sure they are not stressed and keep them comfortable, and you and your pet will be fine in no time flat.

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