What Causes Miscarriages

Every woman nourishes a desire to be a mother. Being a mother is the greatest feeling for a woman. In fact, a special position has been given to the women in the society because they can breed and they can only breed. However, there are some factors, which could deprive a woman from being a mother. Miscarriage is one of them. Miscarriage is a medical term, which refers to self abortion or failing to keep the bay inside the body, after getting conceived. There are several reasons for which miscarriage may happen. Let us discuss those points in detail.

  • A weak uterus is the cause of miscarriage in most of the cases. After a few days of conceiving the zygote gets transferred to the uterus of the mother and there it grows in volume and adds weight. The uterus of the mother should be enough strong to hold the zygote till it converts into a baby and the baby finally takes birth. However, in case of the some females, the uterus is not strong enough to resist the weight of the baby. In that case, self-abortion or miscarriage happens and a pre mature baby comes out through the vaginal tract. This is a serious problem and more than 50% of sterile females are sterile only because of this reason. There is no medical solution to this problem. So, the only way out for a female suffering from this kind of problem is going for a surrogate mother.
  • If the conceived female in takes contraceptive or something that kind of pills, then miscarriage might happen. After getting conceived, a female should not take any kind of contraceptive pills. In fact, after getting conceived, a female should visit a physician regularly and do everything as per his or her advice.
  • Extreme physical weakness or suffering from severe diseases could lead to miscarriage. This is why, every physician advices conceived females to take food in abundance. If any female gets affected from any kind of disease, after conceiving, then she should visit to a doctor immediately and do the needful.
  • Extreme physical work could be the reason of miscarriage. Not each and every kind of physical work would lead to miscarriage, but there are certain kinds of physical work, which could be the reason of miscarriage. This is why, a female should avoid physical work, after getting conceived. Most of the physicians also advise the same to the conceived females.

Conclusion – A baby is the most precious asset for a mother and it is the duty of each and every would-be mother to take proper care of their babies from the day of conceive. Follow the above-mentioned points to avoid miscarriage.