What Causes Muscle Soreness

Muscle is an important part of our body and it defines our strength. Muscle is nothing but a tissue which can endure pressure up to a certain limit and beyond it will result in muscle tear or soreness. Muscle soreness is and example of overpressure on muscle which can experienced in many situation such as pulling or pushing especially during work out.

Heavy workout or calisthenics

Yes, intense calisthenics results in muscle soreness and has a simple reason behind it. The simple reason is sudden change in the daily activity and is known as muscle  shock. For an example, if you are out injured for a month or so and suddenly you play a high intensity professional sports such as football then you are bound to experience this shook. If this shock is overpowered again and again then you are going to get a sore muscle for sure.

Muscle metabolism

A vigorous change in daily physical activity results in the production of lactic acid in muscles. Human body has a metabolism which can divided in different and varies with biological system and one such metabolism is muscle metabolism and its secondary or unexpected consequence is the production of lactic acid. Lactic acid is known as the byproduct of muscle metabolism and it results in muscle irritation, uneasiness, and soreness. Lactic acid is every time we locomote and this is reason behind the tiredness which sips after long day work. However, rigorous calisthenics increases the production of lactic acid and thus results in muscle soreness.

Muscle swelling

You must have wondered that the muscle pain increases after a day of vigorous calisthenics and the reason is muscle swelling. This swelling occur in muscle compartment and is microscopic damage which can occurs many time. We are not aware of such microscopic damages until it leads to a big one. Swelling leads to inpouring of white blood cells, repairing agents such as nutrients and body fluid, and prostaglandins. Prostaglandins is a potent matter which acts like hormone and our located in muscle tissue. It is produce when our muscle goes through a sudden trauma and affects muscle metabolism and leads to inflammation. This is a natural healing process and doesn’t need any medication as the pain or irritation goes away in a day or two. However, the inflammation can get worse if heavy workout is continued and might result in severe soreness, muscle tear, or cramp. 

The myth

According to researchers, a test was performed on two sets of runners, one traveled bare footed uphill and other went downhill. The result cleared everything regarding muscle soreness and cramp. The uphill travelers were affected by muscle swelling as they were running against the gravity but the down hill were not affected by this microscopic phenomenon. Both sets of runners had same amount of lactic acid production. So, it was concluded that lactic acid acts like a catalyst or indicator of muscle fatigue but it affect is short lived. However, muscle swelling stays for a day or two and its affect worsen  if immediate action is not taken.  

The chief cause of muscle soreness is heavy calisthenics which results in fatigue. Fatigue leads to muscle metabolism which produces lactic acid. Lactic acid catalyzes a microscopic damage known as muscle compartment swelling which results in muscle soreness.