What Causes Muscle Spasms

Muscles are one part of our body which endures strain and immense pressure on daily basis. Human muscle is capable of healing itself within time but a normal muscle pull or strain can cause tremendous pain, especially to the body part where the affected muscle is located. However, nothing can beat the pain caused by involuntary contraction such as spasm. Muscle spasm or cramps are sudden and cause enormous pain to the muscle. Spasm can affect your body movement which can hamper your day to day routine. Muscle are responsible for locomotion and it is responsible for bringing strength to human body.

Muscle spasm cannot be avoided as it is involuntary in nature but precaution must be taken to avoid spasm.

Chief causes of muscle spasm

There are many causes of muscle spasm and the severeness of spasm depends on the conditions and location of the muscle. Here are some common causes of muscle spasm

overuse of muscle– This is one of the common cause of muscle spasm. Overuse of a muscle will definitely lead to muscle spasm and the affect will be sudden. Yet, you will be responsible for the spasm. If your experiencing pain or strain in a particular part of your body then do not use that particular body part for a while and try to give yourself some rest.

Muscle pull or overstretch– Muscle pull is another cause of muscle spasm and usually aging athletes experience such muscle spasm. Prolonged stretching can lead to muscle tear as well. Forceful and sudden contraction in case of spasm are caused by the hyper-excitation of muscle cell. When our muscle is overstretched then the muscle run out of energy and air which leads to sudden contraction.

Tiredness– Tiredness or fatigue results in the production of lactic acid. Overproduction of lactic acid leads microscopic swelling. This microscopic swelling results in muscle tear and involuntary contraction as well.

Heavy calisthenics or workout– Heavy workout is directly related to overuse of muscles which might trigger muscle contractions. Abdominal spasm is the common outcome of change in calisthenics or workout regime.

Dehydration– Muscles are made of tissues and muscle cells. These tissues and muscle cells need water, glucose, minerals, and protein for proper functioning. Improper supply of any of these components leads to muscle irritation and again it triggers muscle spasm. Dehydration is the reason behind the manufacture of special juices and liquids that keeps our muscle hydrated.

Dystonia It is a locomotion disorder in which muscles forcefully contracts leading to cramps and spasm.

Other causes– Diseases such as diabetes, anemia , and multiple sclerosis can trigger muscle cramps or spasm.

Hence, these where some chief causes of muscle spasm.

Muscle contraction is involuntary contraction of muscle which is usually sudden or forceful. Muscle spasm are painful and there is no major cause behind it. However, certain situations such as overuse of muscle, fatigue, dystonia, dehydration of muscle are some causes of muscle spasm.