What Causes Paralysis

Paralysis is a medical condition or a problem which is related to the inability to move one or more muscles of the body. It is caused when the nerves that are attached to the muscles got damaged due to some reason. The nerves send the messages to the muscles to move and they are called motor nerves or motor neurons. The person finds it difficult to move certain part of the body due to paralysis. He will lose all the feelings in that body part and will be unable to move it at all. Paralysis is of many types. If it occurs on the both sides of the body then it is called as bilateral, if on one side then unilateral. If paralysis occurs in half of the body then it is called as paraplegia and if it occurs in both arms and legs then it is called as Quadriplegia. It is caused when the brain and the spinal cord does not communicate with each other properly. Muscle weakness of the certain body parts can also cause paralysis in that particular part of the body. In severe cases, the person becomes dependent on other for his/her routine tasks and that makes this problem horrible. There can be numerous reasons behind this condition of the person affected with paralysis. It can be caused due to:

Strokes: Strokes can cause paralysis. It is the condition in which certain part of brain stops functioning properly. Tumors: If a person is affected with tumors in either his brain or spine, then he can be affected with paralysis too. Trauma: Trauma is a very common cause of paralysis in people. When a person is in trauma due to some incident like assault or accident, then he/she becomes more prone to paralysis. Multiple sclerosis: this disease in people can cause nerve damage. The nerves will be unable to communicate with the brain and hence, certain body part can get affected with paralysis.

There are any other causes of paralysis too like cerebral palsy, slipped disk, spondolysis, poisoning, botulism, polio etc. sudden paralysis can be caused due to some injury in spinal cord and needs immediate medical attention. It can cause numbness in that part of the body, inability to speak and many other problems too. If you have any problem mentioned above then consult a doctor immediately as it can be dangerous if not treated properly and at the right time.

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