What Causes Peanut Allergy

The exact cause of peanut allergy is not known. After many researches, scientists are unable to know the reason behind peanut allergy. Even if one of the parents has this allergy, then it can affect the child. This allergy can be life threatening too. Even if someone who is holding peanuts, touches the person who has peanut allergy can trigger the reaction. A severe reaction to the peanuts is called anaphylaxis. Symptoms usually start within some hours of being coming in contact with the peanuts. Both peanuts and tree nuts can act as allergens. It can have mild or life threatening reactions depending upon the level of a person is allergic to peanuts. This allergy is most common type of food allergy.

A person allergic to peanuts can feel his face swollen, tingling lips and mouth, pain in the abdomen, a feeling of tightness in the throat. A more severe allergic reaction can also cause redness of the skin, a fast heart beat, low blood pressure and difficulty in breathing. This severe reaction is called anaphylaxis and if not treated quickly, you can become unconscious. Avoidance of peanuts is very difficult as it is usually used in the preparation of foods. But the best way to prevent this is to avoid peanuts and the food containing peanuts. Peanut allergy can be diagnosed by the medical history and examination. The doctor can ask you to have skin prick test to confirm this allergy. Blood test can also be done to confirm this allergy.

This blood test is called RAST test or an ELISA test. If the doctor is unable to diagnose the allergy by these examinations, then the person may be given food to eat which may or may not contain peanuts. Then the person is observed for sometime like for 15-20 minutes for the reaction. To prevent this allergy and its consequences, you should always check the ingredients of the food products before consuming them. You should always tell your friends or relatives that you have this allergy. So whenever they are going to prepare food for you, they will keep this in mind. There is no specific therapy to cure the allergy from the peanuts. But whenever you feel that you have got this allergic reaction, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. You may need to be admitted to the hospital if you have some severe symptoms. You should follow the advice of the doctor until you fully recover.

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