What Causes Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking is a disorder in which a person starts walking while asleep. It has been described in medical literature before Hippocrates (460 BC-370 BC). It is common with kids and with the people in their adolescence and it usually goes on its own by late adolescence. When a person is walking while asleep, his eyes are usually common though the person is partially conscious. It does not only involve walking but it can also involve driving or any other task which can be dangerous too. That is why the root cause should be identified in order to get rid of this problem. A number of different elements are responsible for sleepwalking like genetics and age. The condition of sleepwalking may be inherited from the family. Other factors like medical conditions, environmental conditions and physical problems which are responsible for this problem are :-

Disturbed sleeping pattern Alcohol consumption Post traumatic stress disorder and other disorders related to the nervous system Sometimes fever because it has an impact on the nervous system of the person Hormonal changes during puberty or menstruation Magnesium deficiency Night time asthma Panic attacks Drugs such as sedatives, neuroleptics etc.

All the above factors can interfere with sleep and can cause sleepwalking. The person having this problem roams around the house quietly. There would not be any response from his side if asked about anything. The person usually does not remember the event after he gets up in the morning. Sleepwalking does not occur during a nap as our brain pass through 5 stages of sleep stages and these are 1,2,3,4 and REM sleep. One cycle takes around 90-100 minutes of time and usually sleepwalking occurs in between 3-4 stage of sleep and that is why sleepwalking cannot occur during a nap as nap itself is for a short duration of time and cannot reach to the stage 3-4 of sleep. Treatment of this problem is very necessary as it can be dangerous for the life of the person. It usually goes on its own but if it does not go then seek medical attention. The treatment depends on the cause responsible for sleepwalking. The doctor will diagnose the cause and will give you medication accordingly. You should also try to take proper sleep and avoid waking late nights. Try to sleep in a quiet room so that loud noises will not interfere with your sleep. This would reduce the risk of sleepwalking.

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