What Causes Snoring

Snoring is something that many of us have encountered.  We cannot just avoid if our roommate or partner snores.  A person snores when the tissue of heart and nose vibrates, while air flows out of them.  The pitch of volume is relative to the amount of air turbulent in throat and nose.

Snoring is very common among people.  Studies on snoring estimates that around forty percent of males and thirty percent of women snores at the regular basis.  It has been found that people, who snore frequently, consume alcohol, use medications, or has reported it after some viral illness.  Anybody can snore, but in special cases, for instance, the people who snore have thick neck, old, or who are overweight.

Causes of snoring

If you talk about the general cause of snoring, it is caused due to the defect of uvula and soft palate.  The uvula is a kind of conic projection, located at the retral edge of the middle of the soft palate.  It is composed of the connective tissue, containing number of racemose glands, and other muscular fibers (musculus uvulae).  The main role of uvula is in articulation of sounds, while we speak. The uvula functions in conjugation with the back of the throat, the palate and air coming up from the lungs for creating numeral guttural and others sounds.  The soft palate, which is also known as velum or muscular palate, is a kind of roof in the mouth that is made up of soft tissue. 

It is does not contain bone, like hard palate.  The soft palate is movable, and it contains muscle fibers sheathed in mucous membrane.  The function of soft palate is that it is responsible for closure of the nasal passages, during the procedure of swallowing, and it closes off the airway.  Whenever you sneeze, it protects the nasal passage by blocking the portion of excreted stuff to the mouth.  However, there is an irregular flow due to the passageway blockage.  It leads to snoring.  This breathing abnormality is also caused due to the throat weakness, which is causes, the throat to close during sleep.  It also happens due to mispositioned jaw. 

Due to irregular jaw put up, there is a subsequent tension in the muscles of nasal passageways. The third factor that can cause snoring is fat gathering in and around the throat.  The other factors are obstruction in the nasal passageway, obstructive sleep apena.  When the tissues of the top of airways start touching each other, it causes vibration, and the patient starts snoring.  Persons who are addicted to alcohol and drugs often snore since, the throat muscles are relaxed, and hence it vibrates.  Sometimes, when you sleep on your back, it results in the tongue dropping to the back of the mouth, which ultimately causes a lot of vibration in the tissue hence, enhancing the snoring attitude in the people.