What Causes Stillbirths

Stillbirth is the death of the baby after 24 weeks of pregnancy or during labor. It is related to miscarriage which means death of the baby before 24 weeks of pregnancy. Stillbirth can be intrauterine or intra-partum. Intrauterine death is the death of the baby in the uterus. Intra-partum is the death of the baby during labor. It can be due to natural causes. It can happen in both the healthy and complicated cases of pregnancy. The exact cause of stillbirth is not known and unexplained but some of the reasons which can result into stillbirth are:

Placental abruption: when placenta gets separated from the womb too early, it can result into still birth as it will cause problem for the baby to get oxygen and other essential nutrients. Chromosomal abnormalities: these abnormalities can result the in the increased risk of stillbirth of baby. It can include low level of folic acid. Any kind of bacterial infections: certain bacterial and viral infection during pregnancy can also result in stillbirth. Intrauterine growth restrictions or we can say that when the baby stops growing properly. This condition can be caused if the baby is not receiving essential nutrients and oxygen.

There can be many other reasons which can cause stillbirths like cord accidents, lifestyle, stress or any other accident. The women who smoke, drink have high risk of having stillbirths. Certain kind of genetic defects, environmental factors can also result into stillbirths. Women who have diabetes, kidney problems, high blood pressure and blood clotting problems may also experience stillbirths. Whenever you feel insignificant movement of your baby, you should immediately consult your doctor. If you have unusual vaginal bleeding then also you should check with your doctor as it can result into serious problems. The doctor will carefully examine for the possible problems. He/she can perform an ultrasound in order to know the exact situation. The pregnant woman should be taken care of and if it is a complicated pregnancy then it needs extra care. You should follow the advice of your doctor. Take appropriate precautions in order to prevent stillbirth. Stillbirth can be traumatic for the parents and especially for the lady who has lost her baby. But don’t lose hope as pregnancy is possible after a stillbirth. However, you must give some time to yourself to heal. When you are pregnant again after a stillbirth then take extra care and proper precautions to prevent a stillbirth again.

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