What Causes Strokes

Strokes are related to heart of a human being. Heart is a organ, which works, day in and day out. If the heart of a person stops working for a few seconds, then the person may die. In case of the heart strokes, the heart of the concerned person stops working for a period of time. Different factors could be the reason of heart strokes. Let us discuss them in detail.

  • High blood pressure could be the reason of the heart strokes. In case of high blood pressure, the blood flows inside the arteries and veins of a person with a pressure, which is above than the normal. When blood comes in and goes out of the heart with a force greater than the normal pressure; that exerts greater pressure on the heart. The heart of a person suffering from high blood pressure could stop working due to the high blood pressure. High blood pressure may result in bursting of narrow veins and arteries of the heart. If any vein or artery bursts due to high blood pressure, then the person may suffer from heart strokes.
  • If the blood clots inside any of  the arteries or veins of the heart, then blood flow stops. When blood flow stops to a certain portion of the heart, that particular portion stops working and this could be the reason of heart strokes.
  • Extra deposition of fat inside the body of a person could be the reason of heart strokes. When fat gets deposited around the heart of a person that restricts the movement of heart. The deposited fat could force the heart to stop working and in that case, the concerned person would suffer from heart strokes.
  • Sickness could be the reason of heart strokes. If a person is severely ill or weak because of the diseases, then he or she may witness heart strokes.
  • Mental tension could be the reason of heart strokes. Instances are no rare, when a person, who is under severe mental tension suffers from heart strokes. Though, there is no definite reason of the heart strokes in this case, but doctors blame high blood pressure for the heart strokes in these cases.
  • Extreme jubilation or sorrow could lead to heart strokes. When a person come to know either a great news or a very bad news, all of sudden, his or her blood pressure rises abruptly and that may lead to heart failure or heart strokes.
  • Diabetes patients are also susceptible to heart strokes. Though, particular reason is yet to be unearthed, but a diabetes patient dying from heart strokes is very common news. Any heart disease could also lead to heart failures.