What Causes Stuttering

Stuttering is basically a speech or verbal disorder in which the effected either repeats the word or may produce a longer word than normal. Stuttering at large can not be considered as a disease but it can be understood as a defect in the inhabitant that has been acquired by him due to several reasons which are revealed through three different theories as under:

Learning theory:
The effected child might have acquired it while he was learning the speaking the language at his early age. It is seemed to be caused by deficiency of rapidly speaking or locating right words to speak. Such children face severe conditions of stuttering if they are punished or criticized for their deficient speaking capability due to anxiety or diffluent speaking.

Psychological theory:
Some of the therapists consider stuttering as a psychological problem in the children who are suffering with it and psychotherapy can treat it.

Organic theory:
The third theory believes in the organic reason of this disease. The scientists found some neurological disparity in the minds of effected and non-effected children.

Out of these three theories of stuttering, the reliable theories can be organic or physiological but not psychological in any sense as stuttering is more linked with situational and emotional factors than any kind of psychological factor. The patient of stuttering are usually found normal in his other activities.

The factors causing stuttering can be considered genetic that is involved in its increase or recovery as it is found in the examination of certain twins or families though it can not be confirmly said about the ratio of involvement of environmental and genetic factors in stuttering of a child. Stuttering is mostly found to be developed in the children within the age of 2 -8 years when it develops without any extra effort. Most of these children are able to rectify their speech after the passage of time or attaining adulthood but about 5% of these children stutter even at younger age which may continue with their life time. So, it can be revealed that stuttering can be a disorder found in the physique of the effected child but can not be termed as psychological disorder that can be revealed through nervousness or stress etc.

Severally stuttering is found hereditary in some families, which is caused due to their genetic disorder though nothing is clear about its natural fact. This hereditary nature of disease had compelled the scientists to consider it as a genetic disease. The effect of brain abnormalities is also found in certain cases of stuttering which become obvious when he speaks within the intellectual regions of premotor, motor as well as audio connection.

Certain therapists use electronic instruments and medicines to recover the patients of stuttering but most of the people speech therapy instead of medication, which may have side-effects, for fast recovery in such cases. Thus, stuttering can be caused due to physiotherapic or genetic disorder in the younger age of children instead of psychologic disorder.


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