What Causes Styes

The medical term for sty sometimes spelled as stye is Hordeolum. It is an infection of the secretory glands of the eyelids. It is an acute infection usually caused due to staphylococcal bacteria. This is often found on the nose and can affect eye when you touch your eye after touching the nose. Stye usually looks like a pimple which can have white or yellow spot. It usually occurs on one of the eyelids or it can also occur on both of the eyelids at one time. It can cause swelling, redness, irritation and pain on the eye. It is usually harmless and does not cause any problem to the eye.

It goes on its own after few days but sometimes it can cause blurry vision due to the swelling. The discomfort caused due to the sty can be reduced by placing a warm cloth on the eye for 3-4 times a day. It will reduce the pain and swelling of the eye and also will give a head to the sty which will make it burst quickly. In most of the cases, sty disappears after few days and does not leave any scar or problem in the eye. There can be another eye bump which is called Chalazion. It is often confused with stye but the fact is it is not a form of stye. It is a kind of cyst on the eye which is painless. It is caused to block oil glands. Like a sty, a chalazion is also harmless and goes on its own but it may take few months to go.

In some cases, it may require a surgery. You should try to prevent eye stye to develop by keeping the eye cosmetics clean and away from other cosmetics. Try to avoid touching the eye and the surrounded area. If sty does not go on its own after few days and if it is causing other problems like blurry vision etc. then you should consult a doctor. If it is developing multiple times then also you should seek medical attention. For a stye, there are many antibiotic ointments which can be suggested by a doctor. It may require a surgery in some cases. Though it is a minor surgery, but you should always consult with an expert and a good doctor. If you are in bad hands then it can be dangerous for you and your eye.

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