What Causes Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms or Palmar Hyperhydrosis is a very common problem with most of the people. It can be an embarrassing condition and can be annoying too. Hyperhydrosis can be of two types:

General & Focal

People with general hyperhydrosis suffer from the sweating of whole body and people with focal hyperhydrosis face this problem only in a particular part of the body like palms, feet or armpits.

People with sweaty palms problem often avoid shaking hands with people as they find it embarassing. Sweating is an automatic mechanism done by our nervous system to maintain the body temperature. Sweaty palms can be caused due to the hyper activity of the nervous system. For people with this problem, day to day tasks can become irritating like shaking hands or other such gestures, typing etc. This problem is not temporary. This remains with the person throughout his life. It can affect his social life too. Sweaty palms can be caused due to some medical conditions too like obesity, menopause and even psychiatric disorders. People with excessive palm sweating can also develop feet and underarm sweating as the sweat glands are interconnected. Some people’s hands produce so much of sweat that they found it unacceptable and difficult to handle. It can also be seen when a person is angry, anxious or stressed. When people find their hands producing sweat in a social situation then they become stressed which in turn produces more sweat. So try to be relaxed and comfortable otherwise the condition can get worse. Sweaty palms can also be a genetic condition. Luckily, excessive sweating of palms can be treated with the help of the surgery. It can permanently cure this problem. You can also use Drysol which will help you to reduce the production of sweat on your palms. It is an astringent which dries the sweat glands. But this can be used only with mild problems. You can try mind control exercises like meditation which can reduce stress in your life and can also reduce the problem of sweaty palms if it is due to some psychological reason. If it is too severe to handle then ask your doctor and let him diagnose the root cause for the problem. He is the only one who can suggest you the right solution for this. You can go for a surgery if you want to get rid of this problem permanently and can live an embarrassment free life.

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