What Causes Vomiting

Vomiting may be caused due to mild reasons such as food poisoning, viral infections, food allergies, overeating, etc. It may be caused due to some serious reasons such as heart problems, brain injury, migraines, etc. Vomiting in an involuntary act as the person’s bowels are emptied forcibly. The person vomits after feeling nauseated for a while.  The cause for vomiting differs from age also. Usually the children experience vomiting due to reasons such as food poisoning, digestive disorders, viral infections etc. Usually the adults experience vomiting problems, due to blocked intestines, acidity, coughing, overeating etc.

You can determine the cause for vomiting by observing the time you felt to vomit. If you are vomiting immediately after your meals then you may be experiencing vomiting due to digestive disorders, ulcer, or food poisoning. Even if you start vomiting after eight hours after your meals, then you are suffering from food poisoning. Otherwise you are vomiting during odd hours or before meals, then you may be suffering from problems such as migraine, intestinal blockage, hyperacidity or even severe problems such as meningitis, appendicitis, brain tumors etc.

If you are continuously vomiting then you may be experiencing the problem of dehydration. The person who experiences vomiting problem can try home remedies initially. If the home remedies are not working, then the patient should visit the doctor. If your infant child experiences from vomiting since six hours, then the child has probably developed diarrhea problems. If the child is experiencing dehydration, then usually develops a temperature of 100 degrees.

If you experience the following symptoms while vomiting, then you must immediately consult a physician.

1.If you experience even a drop of blood while vomiting
2. If you vomit after experiencing severe headache
3. If you vomit after experiencing severe abdominal pain
4. if you vomit after feeling uneasiness while breathing
5. If you experience vomiting after experiencing physiological problems.

There are many ways to avoid vomiting which include the following:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Only consume oral fluids until you feel comfortable and do not experience vomiting for a day.
  • You can discontinue your medications for a period.
  • The pregnant woman who experience vomiting should consume foods with high proteins before going to bed
  • If you are experiencing vomiting since 24 hours then you must consume medications such as Pedialyte.
  • Eat moderately and slowly.
  • Eat food when it is of a room temperature because when the food is hot or warm, it produces strong smell and hence you feel to vomit
  • Consume water in between when you are eating food.
  • Have food preferably when you are hungry.
  • Do not sleep immediately after consuming food.
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