What Do HR Personnel Do

Human resource department is considers the heart of any organization. Since it is this department that handles the work force of a firm that comes from diversified sections of the community. The personnel who handle this section must be of a higher caliber when compared to others. The HR personnel have to perform various activities and be a moderator between the management and the employees.

The HR of today deals with both general and strategic activities. As a HR generalist he or she involves in activities right from recruitment till the retirement of the employee. Strategic activities include managerial level decisions and value enhancement for the organization. As a mediator the HR has to balance its activities keeping in mind the vision of the company.

Let’s See the Primary Duties of an HR:

Selection: before an employee submits his or her resume the HR has a task ahead of them. He or she needs to clearly define the job, responsibilities for each job, job descriptions etc. Once this is decided them comes fixing of salary bands for respective jobs in discussion with the top management. After this has been cut out then job posting happens for the HR to select the right candidate for the right job.

Evaluation: as said earlier the HR is a moderator between employees and management, he or she should be working hand in hand with the management. This helps them to increase productivity and improve strategies so that they can evaluate the performance of the personnel. This helps in bringing up new methods of performance appraisal system that might be more effective.

Training and Development: periodically training is necessary since no one is perfect. The HR has to continuously monitor the activities of the personnel and plan out development programs like employee relations training, technical upgrade for organization and employees, organizational changes if necessary etc.

Rewards: this is very important; sometimes it can also be motivational tool. Pay for performance what we call, the HR should support rewards with organizational aims and goals. This makes the staff happy as well as the management since they mission is also achieved. An HR should communicate well with its employees, clear and concise speech will help them to make things happen.

Sometimes the HR also needs to be a little strict when it comes to performance. He or she may also warn its employees if performance is affecting the organizational goal. In such cases the HR gives a written warning to the employees and then might ask them to quit as well. All such warnings is good to be made in written for future dispute settlement.

The HR becomes the center of all activities in an organization and thus he or she considered to be a specialist in human resource activities.