What Do Red Blood Cells Do

Human blood is formed of red blood cells and blood plasma. The red blood cells just swim in the blood plasma, which is a colorless clear fluid. The color of the blood is red because of the red blood cells. The red blood cells are not only present in case of the human blood; but those are available in case of the blood of most of the animals. What these red blood cells do? Why those are there in the blood?

The main function of the blood is to carry oxygen to all the body cells. Body cells require oxygen to burn the food and get energy out of that. Blood takes the oxygen from the lungs and then takes the oxygen to each and every live body cell, then again comes back to the lungs to get oxygenated. In fact, the blood doesn’t carry oxygen but the red blood cells present inside the blood carry the oxygen.

Red blood cells contain iron ions. When the iron ions comes in the contact with oxygen, they form a compound and in this process oxygen gets associated with the red blood cells and then blood carries those compounds to the body cells present at different portion of the body. When the blood comes in contact with a cell, which is hungry for oxygen, that compound breaks and oxygen gets detached from the compound, leaving iron ions again. In this process, the blood gets transmitted from the lungs to each and every part of the body.

Some Typical Characteristics of Red Blood Cells

  • Nucleus is found in each and every cell. However, in case of the red blood cells, either there is no nucleus or that is present in very rudimentary state. This is because; nucleus is the biggest organelle of each and every cell. If the nucleus would be there inside the red blood cells, then there would be very little space left for the oxygen. So, nucleus is generally not found in red blood cells. If nucleus would be there inside the red blood cells, then these special cells couldn’t carry oxygen to the body cells and the body cells would become less active or completely inactive. This happens in case of camel. Nucleus is found the red blood cells of camel and that is why camel is a lazy animal.
  • The color of the red blood cells is because of the iron ions. The animals. Who have blood other than red in color lack iron ion in their blood cells? In that case, some other agent carries the oxygen, instead of the iron ions.
  • If a person is suffering from less red blood cells count in his or her blood, then he or she should take iron supplements from any external source.