What do White Spots on the Skin Mean

Skin has many infections which can be cured with common medicines or with the consultation of a doctor. But some infections are caused by the fungus and may be a little difficult to cure. A kind of yeast is present in the skin in different quantities. This will be washed away whenever we take shower or wash. However, in summers when the skin starts sweating, this yeast multiplies faster mainly because of the moisture. When the immunity of the person decreases the yeast grows more and the pigmentation of the skin is affected. This will result in white spots on the skin.

We should know how do these white spots actually appear on the skin? This is a symptom of the skin prone to immunity reduction. The people in the tropical countries are always affected by these white spots. Any age or any gender can get affected by these white spots. These can appear on any part of your skin, could be face, neck, chest, back, arms etc. The size of the spots can vary from a smaller diameter to a larger diameter. There is a possibility that some people might also get the itching sensation on these spots. When the spots appear on the face or the neck, it looks odd. Consulting a dermatologist is the best solution for this problem.

The dermatologist observes the scales from the skin to see if they contain any yeast. This yeast is visible in strong light and under lens. The dermatologist treats such patients with topical or even oral medicines. The anti fungal cream will cure the white spots. The topical ointment has to be applied on the spots twice or thrice daily. However, it might take several months for the skin to get back to its original color. The color returns only when the yeast is destroyed completely. Do not take medications without consulting a dermatologist. The yeast formation again is a common problem. So try to take some medications and topical medicines for the white spots not to relapse.

People living in the tropical countries should take bath frequently to destroy the yeast formation on the skin. It is important to pat the skin dry after bath or after sweating. Try to wear loose clothing which will allow ventilation of air on to the skin. Putting some antifungal powder on the skin will help the skin to be dry. It is advisable to take a shower after the body sweats out, may be after a workout or a long run. The bath will not only remove the fungus from your skin but will also freshen it up. When the white spots start, it is better to meet a dermatologist at the initial stage rather than waiting for it to spread.