What Does a Comedian Do

When people go to witness any comedy show, they expect some high doses of comedy. Comedy means, what can force them to laugh. It is the responsibility of the comedian to deliver those concentrated doses of comedy and make the people to laugh.

There is no boundary or restrictions in front of the comedian. A comedian is free to do anything, as far as people are laughing at him or her. A comedian can make people to laugh by speaking some funny lines. At the same time, he or she can act in a funny way, so that people laugh at his or her acting. A comedian is also allowed to take the help of funnier objects to produce something more funny; so that people sitting in front of him or her burst into laughter.

A comedian is also allowed to mimic or comment any actor, politician, business man or any other famous personality. In fact, most of the comedians choose this way to force people to laugh. There are thousands of comedians in this world, who can mimic the tone, body posture of any personality and they are really famous round the world, because of their this rare ability. At the same time, there are comedians who are intelligent and always stay up to date. They present their personal view on the current happenings, in front of the public in a funny way. That makes people to laugh.

In first paragraph, it is written that there is no restriction for a comedian. However, it is not 100% true. Though, there is no fixed law to impose any kind of restriction on a comedian. However, comedians refrain themselves from doing anything vulgar. At the same time, they maintain a good distance from the sensitive issue like racism and dharma. They do so, because they don’t want to hurt the emotions and feelings of the people, in any case. They come in front of the people to make them to laugh and they do that in a gentle and sober manner.

If you want to indulge in something funny, after hectic hours at the work place, then you should go ahead to be the audience of a comedy show. You will forget about the whole world and laugh from the core of your heart, if the comedian performing in front of you is a skilful one. The famous comedians of the world visit from city to city country to country to do shows. You can go to see any of those shows. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time or money to go to watch a live comedy show, then you can watch comedy shows coming on TV. Apart from TV, you can see the comedy shows of great comedians over the internet also.