What Does a Conductor of an Orchestra Actually Do

There are many of you, who must have attended live musical concerts as well as performances and must have observed the man on the center stage waving his hands towards the musicians throughout the show. You must have even wondered or made fun as to why this man has to disturb the musicians or stand on the way. But hold on!! He is called the conductor of the orchestral group. So what does he do or rather how does he help in the musical performance?

The conductor of the musical troop is a person who co- ordinates the entire team of musicians, lead them to unity in performing and gives constant directions, with the help of a baton in his hand, as to the correctness of the tempo and dynamics of the music performed. This person is generally the senior most with lot of experience in conducting music shows or concerts. And remember it is just not the stage where he makes his first appearance. He would be one, who has been into the orchestra right from the first day of preparing the team for the D-day i.e. the day of performance or for the whole performance season. This includes right from auditioning the musicians in case of new comers, form the entire team which is going to perform, decide on the kind of music to be played, groom the team towards keeping up the dynamics and beats, conducting frequent rehearsals and correcting them till they all sound perfect. Thus the team is so familiar that they understand every gesture of the conductors during the performance which could help them in correcting themselves from deviations.

This non- verbal means of communication helps a lot for an effective musical performance and each gesture could indicate various connotations and this is solely a communication between the conductor and the musicians. There are gestures which could indicate, the typical beat required- an upbeat or downbeat, the tempo- to be fast or slow, dynamics- a louder or a softer sound or for cueing- where exactly to start after a space of silence in music. Wow!! So many intricate things involved in this, Isn?t it?

Most of us aren?t aware that these conductors are people who have an artistic vision of music and are capable of achieving that goal, for which they had taken that strenuous journey till the day of performance and that is ? Success?. A successful music show can be primarily attributed to the conductor and his hard work as well as talent, of course with the complete co-operation of the talented musicians.