What Does a Medical Assistant Do

Medical assistant handle many things, related by the medical discipline.  They cater their services at medical centers, clinics and various other destinations related to medical services.  They either work in the clerical department, administrative, and clinical functions. A good medical assistant turns a hospital to a well managed and a smoothly runs institute. However, there are few medical assistant who are specialized in some medical techniques, therefore, they assist, doctors while operation or other medical treatment.  There are different types of medical assistant, clerical medical assistant, administrative medical assistant, and the specialist medical assistant.

The clerical medical assistant does a great of work in the field attending phone calls regarding the patient’s enquiries, appointments, maintain the timetable of doctor’s appointment, and fix up the date of appointments and consultation with doctors, send mails, and type letter and memos.  The job of clerical medical assistant is to take care of all the basic requirements of patients and clients.

The administrative part of any health care centre is taken care of by an administrative medical assistant.  The clerical medical assistant only work as a clerical personnel, however if you talk of administrative medical personal they have to look after various medical related tasks.  They directly deal with patients.  One has to gather up the medical forms, collect reports and update medical records, manage and fix the up the medical tests schedule, and finally arrange for the admissions in the hospitals. They also look after the monetary department of a health care center. They have to take care of patient’s departure and maintain regular billing, other book keeping duties to maintain patient’s proper account.

Clinical medical assistant perform their duty in a different manner.  The clinical medical assistant one has to take care of patients in terms of basic medical treatment.  They are certified with a certain degree of qualification.  Their job is check out the medical history of patients, make arrangement of the medical tests. Sometimes they also help physician in diagnosing the patients.  Clinical medical assistant also, participate in boosting the confidence in patients and make them feel at ease. To add, they even make contacts with pharmacies, and arrange medicine for the patients.  They also gather the laboratory specimens, and sterilize the medical operating tools. From injection to the collecting blood sample, taking out plasters, taking reading in the electrocardiograms, CT scans, X-RAY all are handled by the clinical medical assistant.

Few medical assistant works as a right hand of doctors. They are specialized medical assistant. They come up with a special applied courses in the field of medical science. For instance, they assist doctors in the operation theatre, while plastering of broken bones, denture procedure, assisting ophthalmologist, and other services.  Today medical assistant has plenty of job opportunities.  With brewing up of number of medical health centre, there is an increasing demand of medical assistant in every sectors. They are paid well and one look forward to this job.