What Does a Nurse Do

In any of your visits to the hospitals and nursing homes, you may have marvelled at the sheer hustle and bustle of the places. Here, everything must be done in an orderly and precise manner. If any mistakes occur in the way, there could be some devastating casualties and loss of human life as well. So, the procedures or surgeries have to be done properly without any failure. The doctors and physicians would be super-capable but they would need some help as well. The doctors can get a lot of assistance from people like doctor’s assistants and even nurses. The profession of a nurse is quite tough. However, it will be good if good nurses make things easier and smoother for the overworked doctors. So, here is a better look at the job and duties of the nurses.

It should be understand that there are different types of professions for nurses. The most common type of profession is that of an operating room nurse. The operating room nurses would have to devote skills and talents for the benefit of the surgeons and the patients inside the operating room. So, there are some basic duties and tasks which the operating room nurses would have to perform with a lot of dedication  and virtue as well. The nurses have to be equipped with clothes or uniforms which would be fully suitable for work in the overheated and tense operating room. The nurses will also have to be constantly in sync with the work of the surgeons and anesthesiologists. The operating room nurses would also be in charge of providing the implements and doctoral tools when they are most required.

There are also nurses, who are commonly devoted to care for the patients exclusively. These nurses will be briefed to care for patients, who are notified by the responsible doctors and surgeons. They have to be constantly alert so as to see if the notified patients are not suffering from adverse effects. The nurses will have to take care of food as well as the dosages of medicines and drugs to the patients. Nurses may also be in charge of caring for elderly patients or for new born children. Such duties would also require the same dedication and genuine regard for the patients. So, these nurses are valued for both the qualities and virtues. The aspiring nurses really have to prove that they are good in these qualities or they would not be employed.

There have emerged some rather unconventional careers for wannabe nurses as well. One of them is the profession of the nurses, who are employed in homes for care and treatment of the patients who are bed-ridden at home. This job requires the usual candor and devotion for the care of the bedridden patients. On the other hand, there is another rather unconventional option for the aspiring nurses and physician’s assistants. This is the job of a forensic nurse. A forensic nurse has to carry out some important tasks in the forensic laboratories and research centers. These nurses would aid the forensic scientists and doctors to carry out studies of the forensic samples and exhibits. So, the job would require some good dedication and a smooth efficiency.

The job of a nurse, be it in a hospital or clinic, or in the forensic labs, is quite a challenging one. The nurse has to be one who can be orderly and also quite disciplined. But it is more than that. The nurse has to show genuine concern and care for the patients. The nurse also has to show a good courage or nerve during the surgeries or the tough tasks facing them. So, a nurse has quite a lot to do in the job.