What Does a Pharmacist Do

Pharmacist, are the mediator between the doctor and patients. Whenever you go to a medical store, and a person who stands at the drug store fetches you the required medicine according to the doctor’s prescription are pharmacist.  The job of pharmacist is that they simply read out the doctors prescriptions, it might be any medical practitioner, be it physicians, dentists, and the veterinarians.  The job is to give the medicine to the patients related to the supervision of the respective doctors.

Few of the pharmacist are there, who are related to the selling and medical research of medicines.  However, the job of pharmacist is divided into three categories.  At the first place, the pharmacist is the people who cater their services at the drug store.  Sometimes, they are also available at the hospital outlets. Although, very few of them wear gloves, but a pharmacist should wear masks and gloves, when they are dealing with patients. Since, there is always a possibility of getting infected while dealing with patients. The best part of pharmacist is that, few of them avail there services twenty-four hour.  Therefore, even if you sick in the midnight, you do not have to worry about your medicines.

Pharmacology as a career

If you are wondering about taking pharmacology as a career, then you can pursue your studies with the bachelor degree in science.  The young aspirants, who are eager to become a pharmacist, can take up the subjects like mathematics, biology, and chemistry.  In certain countries, there is a certified degree for pharmacologist, accredited by the council of pharmacy.

Basically, if you check the job, of a pharmacist it comes in three fold.  Firstly, they involved in selling of medicines, and giving medicines to the patients by reading the referred prescription.  The other pharmacists are also involved in supplying of the drugs where, they are attached to the company and advertise the products to the doctors and their utility. The pharmacist also has their own drug outlet at big hospitals and other places.  We also find pharmacist in the research centers, where they innovate and develop new medicines and test, administer to the pharmaceuticals and study the pros and cons of the developed drugs. Some of the pharmacist have their labs for formulating new drugs.

Therefore, the job of a pharmacist is a bit responsible one. The pharmacist must take  a note of the quality of medicines. They should ensure that the medicine given to the patients are within law and relevant according to the law. The same should also explain the patients about the dosage of the medicine and if there is any side effect. Beside this, a pharmacist can also assist the drug suppliers, and other health care professional for the safest and effective use of medicine.  They take part in the quality maintenance and in some of the health management like blood pressure management and cholesterol management.