What Does a Physical Therapist Do

Physical therapy helps to restore the optimal functioning of the human body by minimizing several impairments and disabilities that are caused due to congenital conditions.

A physical therapist is a person who conducts a physical therapy and helps the patients to lead a regular and healthy life by preventing their health from any further deterioration.

A physical therapist works for people of all the ages including the newborns too. They are the expert therapists who help every human body to move and function with ease. Thus, they assist to promote a more  healthy and comfortable lifestyle for the people. 

Many times when person become completely motionless due to a major injury, accident or a prolonged illness, a physical therapist will actively assist in preventing the body movement and functional losses..

Students who aspire to become a physical therapist need to acquire a graduation degree from the college and pass the exam of a state license. A student who gets a valid physical therapy license or certification can immediately join and work as a physical therapist in any hospital, office, nursing home, sports center, school and even a patient home.

The major role of a physical therapist is to treat people by making them do their daily regular exercise especially the patients who have undergone any recent injury or a surgery.

A physical therapist will try to substantially manipulate the muscles or joints through a massage or an exercise and then apply other alternative therapies like hot or cold packs, electrical stimulation or a ultrasound. 

A need for a physical therapist usually arises when a person suffers from certain health problems like: 

  • Prolonged and severe neck, joint or back pain,
  • Arthritis,
  • Heavy breathing
  • Stroke or Heart Attack
  • Major problem with feets, legs and hands
  • Disabilities visible in the infants or children
  • Injuries, sprains or fractures,
  • Burns or Amputations 

The therapists tend to develop a right treatment plan and apply different kinds of treatment techniques to encourage the easy movements of a human body, restore its functions, reduce the pain and prevent any further disability. 

The techniques chosen by a physical therapist for treating the patients may include a manual therapy, functional therapy, therapeutic exercise or using other physical agents and adaptive or assistive equipments.

The therapists also tend to work in complete co-ordination with several other medical professionals and practitioners like dentists, nurses, social workers, physicians, occupation therapists, pathologists or audiologists.

Physical therapy is conducted by some of the specialized healthcare therapist professionals who treat people suffering from numerous kinds of illness, injuries, and inabilities wherein they are unable to perform any independent physical activity in their daily life cycle.

Thus, a physical therapist is considered as a boon in the field of medicines who enables people to make their body function with ease and independently without any support.