What Does a Social Worker Do

Social workers are those people who have strong desire to cater their services in favor to social needs. They assist people to resolve many issues related to their daily needs, for example family and personal problems and deals with several complications in their relations.  There are few social workers, who engage themselves in removing the tangles in the life of disables, life threatening and chronic disease, and other social issues like, improper housing, unemployment, or abuses.  Social workers also intervene, in the matters of serious domestic conflicts; it may be child abuse or spousal abuse.

The group of specific social worker known as licensed clinical social worker takes care of planning and policy development and conduct the research accordingly.  The other group of social worker like medical and public health social worker, render their help in critical health conditions, for instance they provide psychological support to the patients suffering from, AIDS, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.  They educate people and family members about the health awareness and arrange certain aids for them.

Training and qualifications of a social worker

The job of a social worker is a little demanding.  Basically, they have their own way handling matters all around.  You can find them public agencies, hospitals, clinics, schools, nursing homes, many private practices like, child abuse, spousal abuse, police departments, courts, and plethora of traumatic cases. For tackling up with these issues, they have certain code of ethics and practices, credentials, state licensing which they use according to the demand of the situation.  Sometimes they have hours in office or residential facility, or might have to commute to the places, meet donors, and attend meetings. 

These days if you plan for enrolling yourself in the job a social worker, you have to quality at least the bachelor’s degree of the social work. However, even if you have your academic credentials in psychology, sociology or any of the related field, you get few entry-level jobs especially with small community group agencies.  To add, if you want to make your career, as a social worker, you can choose MSW, i.e. master degree in social work.  With this, you will have numerous opportunities, for example, you can get the job in health and school settings, and clinical work as well. If you job falls in medical or teaching department, then you might have got a better qualification. Apart from the knowledge a social worker must have emotional maturity, along with objectivity, and sensible towards  people and their problem. The main trait of a social; worker is that they have ability to handle the things with responsibility, work independently, and a healthy relationship with clients and better team management. However, the volunteers are paid off in terms of salary.

Social workers’ job prospects

To be a social worker is always a great idea. This area is blooming immensely, and during the census, it has been analyzed that this stream is seen the growth up to sixteen percent annually. Moreover, the salary expectation is also very high.