What Does a Web Designer Do

According to popular dictionaries the meaning of web design is the process of planning and creating a website.

The web designer, hence, is a person who plans, designs and creates a website. There are many facets to the mentioned work. First he needs to understand the work and requirements of the person who is wanting to get a website made. After understanding his needs he needs to form the idea in his mind and explain it to the client, be it a big firm or a small start up or an individual. Then he needs to be versed with the development tools for creating the websites. Some web developers tend to become hosts of web sites too thus giving the person flexibility. A designer should ideally use html for the end coding as it is the easiest to edit and being basic used by most designers across the world. The designer can also ensure that the site can be made to change its look and feel without disrupting the major layout as the regular users don’t want major changes as it disrupts the daily use.The web designers may be on rolls of an organization but it is a profession ideally suited for free lancers as they have the freedom of working from anywhere and anytime.

Web designers may divide the process of making the site into various parts like designing, development (programming), marketing and IT (hosting). Some designers may do only one of these things while the others cover all of the mentioned expertise. Yet some may do the designing of the site without writing the actual code. A good web designer has to handle the work professionally and mention all time frames and costs estimates to the client after understanding the requirements.  This is followed up by designing of the layout, and then putting it all together to run as intended.  The security and safety of the data base is the most important factor that needs to be addressed by the designer. The designer has to ensure that in future another designer or programmer can modify the site so it becomes easier to maintain the site even if he/she is not available in the future. Ideally the design should be kept simple and straightforward. The graphics used should be light to ensure that page does not long to load. The navigation on the site is kept user friendly by the designer and the most important thing that the designer does is ensures that the site is optimized to the search engines to ensure higher search ranking.