What does an Administrative Manager do

The meaning of manage is mentioned in the dictionary as “a person responsible for controlling or administering an organization or group of staff”. So an Administrative manage is typically a person who is responsible for managing and controlling the administrative functions of an organization.

As an Administrative manager a person may have to manage an organization’s support services. In order to fulfill this role the Manager would need to inculcate in self the traits of being positive, , leadership skills, man management skills, good team player, be objective, proactive, be a good listener, be flexible in changing the ways of working and managing as he has to deal with people from various backgrounds, and yet be firm in resolve to ensure strict adherence to the objectives and goals. This would ensure that his ability goes a long way in helping the organization achieve its goal.

The number of traits and qualities mentioned for the profile are there because he is responsible for taking care of information flow including, information gathering, distribution of flow of information to the correct department through the correct channels, ensuring the adherence to the procedures to ensure optimized performance. Even the planning and organization of the other administrative functions is responsibility of the manager.

No organizations can function without people and with the increasing amount of technology available today even the humans working in they cannot be expected to perform well without the various tools that are available to them. As such, the administrative manager would also be expected to take care of requirements of the human resource in the organization to ensure that the things run without any hiccups. His role may depend primarily on the size and structure of the organization. Exact duties almost always vary due to specific management levels and nature of work of the organization.

A zero-level manager would be responsible for supervision of support staff, while mid-level managers create plans for a company’s departments, setting goals and deadlines, along with designing and implement new ways. /they would also delegate responsibilities for lower-level supervisors. This will vary for a smaller organization as he would have to manage almost all of the support services. On the other hand in a bigger organization there would be a chain of mid and higher level managers for the same. To be an effective manager one needs to be good at delegating tasks to ensure results. There may be assistant available for helping you in the task. Work as a team with the subordinates and take regular feedback to take informed actions. Make sure that all the communications and clear and objective.

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